We have structured our practice to offer qualified assistance in all tax law matters, in particular M&A, structured finance, international tax advice and tax, corporate, accounting and financial statement compliance services. We have extensive experience in assisting with tax inspections and in providing defence before tax courts, particularly in transfer pricing and international tax litigation in general.

The ability to assist clients through interdisciplinary teams set up on the basis of the needs of the specific case guarantees highly efficient management of the various tax and civil law aspects in each situation. The long-standing experience of the Tax Team professionals enables them to define and propose the best tax strategies for the execution of any M&A company and group activity/transaction, taking full advantage of every possible tax benefit granted by the regulations in force.

By focusing also on the responsibilities of local administrators, we help companies operating in the international scene or which belong to multinational groups to operate in compliance with national and international regulations, and to manage international tax aspects concerning direct tax and VAT. We optimise the cash flows of interest, royalties and intra-group dividends. In the field of intra-group exchanges, we define and implement the transfer pricing system and draw up national documentation. We also assist with anti-avoidance legislation and with identification, creation and operation of permanent establishments. We handle Advanced Price Agreement applications, both at the Italian Revenue Agency and at the revenue agencies of major countries worldwide through our network,

We work in the field of tax planning – also with reference to the generational transfer of business and family assets – and the taxation of specific corporate and shareholding structures, manager incentive plans and transfer of residence, of companies and individuals, fromItaly toa foreign location, and fromabroad to Italy.

We draw up business plans and evaluation reports for companies and participations, both for acquisition or sale transactions and as technical advisors to the court.

Our team’s skills also include drawing up annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements, international group reporting, and thelegal and fiscal set-up of “cash pooling”.