In the Media & Entertainment industry, we have extensive experience that allows us to work confidently between the various disciplines that make up the framework of intervention, i.e., commercial, civil, labour, copyright and intellectual property law, while also optimising tax-related aspects.

In particular, within the Media & Entertainment industry, we provide assistance to:


(publishers, producers, distributors, but also leading figures from the entertainment world) operating in the fields of television, radio, music, publishing, cinema, theatre, advertising as well as in the various Internet platforms, including social media and, in general, in the entertainment world.

Companies that do not strictly operate in the media and entertainment scene

but which actively promote their products and services through communication and marketing activities, and need assistance with advertising, prize-giving events, sponsorships, product placement and the management of contracts with various testimonials.

Our assistance also covers all matters relating to the following areas of competence:

Copyrightand related rights, image rights and intellectual property

(licences, transfer of rights, production contracts, co-production, publishing).

Advertising and communication regulations

Legislation on information and defamation

Regulatory issues

(granting of licences, LCNs, management of duties required byAgcom, registration with the ROC).