In recent years, companies have been progressively called upon to adapt to increasingly stringent and not always coordinated regulations.

Today, the challenge is to ensure the compliance required by law with a strong focus on costs by effectively combining compliance and performance objectives.

Lawal helps you achieve this.

Regulations such as Legislative Decree 231/01, with the progressive expansion over time of the catalogue of predicate offences, regulates issues relating to environmental protection and social rights, thus introducing sustainability themes into corporate management systems.

The pursuit of ESG policies and their monitoring, covering various areas of corporate organisation, cannot be separated from compliance with a number of specific regulations and practices already in place in certain parts of the company. ESG compliance, therefore, presupposes the implementation of other individual forms of industry compliance, such as 231, anti-money laundering, tax, antitrust and anti-corruption.

The Lawal team has the skills and expertise required to offer reliable and viable solutions.

We offer a review and integration service of the different procedural models, including consultancy aimed at digitally automating them, in order to make their management more streamlined and efficient.