LawaL was founded by a group of lawyers and accountants determined to renew their profession in form and manner.
By adopting a name that unmistakably recalls the law in all its aspects, the professionals of LawaL have created a law firm of excellence that brings together legal, tax and accounting advice in a highly specialised “hub”, in order to offer innovative legal solutions adapted to the development strategy of each of our clients.

LawaL intends to pursue this objective by establishing its own brand, with the aim of being a driving and first choice partner for our clients, at all levels, whether they are partners, employees or support functions of the firm. The relationship with our clients is therefore central, to give us the time to understand their needs and identify the best way to serve them.
This is why we also wanted to be part of society and of our time as a law firm by adopting an ESG policy that we want to share with all our clients, partners and employees.